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Listen: Kurt Masur conducts Beethoven symphonies

Exclusive concert recordings with the maestro and the Dresden Philharmonic, as download or on-demand audio stream.

Listen to audio 28:41

Kurt Masur and the Dresden Philharmonic with Beethoven's Symphony No. 1

Kurt Masur and Beethoven: a special relationship. On four evenings in December, 2012, Masur conducted a nearly complete cycle of Ludwig van Beethoven's symphonies at the Gasteig Philharmonic Hall in Munich. "Nearly complete" because on the first evening, one symphony had to be left off the program.

The performances with the Dresden Philharmonic were not only a renewed encounter with the orchestra he'd once conducted in younger years. It was also the last major project of the then 85-year-old conductor.

Recorded by Deutsche Welle, the concerts have never been broadcast or made available. We're pleased to share them with you now: in memory of the recently deceased maestro, one Beethoven symphony every day from December 21-28.

Kurt Masur and the musicians from Dresden. Photo: Marco Kubitz

Kurt Masur and the musicians from Dresden

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Symphony No. 1 in C Major, op. 21
Dresden Philharmonic
Conductor: Kurt Masur
Recorded by DW in the Gasteig Philharmonic Hall in Munich on December 8, 2012

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