Life for My Child! Part Eight - Four Years On | Life for my Child! | DW | 01.12.2015
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Life for my Child!

Life for My Child! Part Eight - Four Years On

Célia and Helena are two HIV-positive women who live in Mozambique. When we met them six years ago, both were pregnant. Millions of African women share their fate.

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The greatest incidence of HIV in Africa is among newborn babies who contract it from their mothers. In Mozambique alone, over 100 children are born with HIV every day. But with the right treatment and medication, it is actually possible to significantly reduce the risk of the virus passing to the child.

Célia and Helena are in just such a treatment program. How are the two living with their illness? How do they cope with everyday life? Global 3000 accompanied Célia and Helena over several months leading up to the birth of their children. The result is a portrait of two women who are real fighters.

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