Leftists to Found Own Party if SPD Doesn′t Change | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 19.03.2004
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Leftists to Found Own Party if SPD Doesn't Change

Left-wing members of the Social Democratic party (SPD) have threatened to establish their own platform if the SPD doesn't alter its reform policies. In their first public appearance, the initiators of the "Work and Social Justice" alliance criticized the SPD on Friday, saying it had turned its back on the concept of solidarity and justice with its "Agenda 2010" package of social and economic reforms. If the policies aren't changed, the group might found a new political party, the initiators said. They would decide over the course of the year whether to do so, Hamburg economics professor Herbert Shui, one of the seven initiators, said. All of the initiators are members of the IG Metall trade union, except Shui. Six of the seven are SPD members, who now face a ban from the SPD for their actions.