Leaving Iraq? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 19.04.2004
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Leaving Iraq?

Escalating violence against foreign soldiers and civilians in Iraq hast prompted a debate whether countries should pull out their troops. DW-WORLD readers comment on the issue.


How much longer will they have to stay?

No pull-out, now or in the near future or there will be a much worse humanitarian crisis there. I just returned to the USA from spending Feb/Mar in Iraq. There is a vast majority of peace-loving Iraqi people who want us to remain until civil authority and rule of law can be insured. Moqtada al-Sadr is a bug of the worst ilk; even the Iraqi Shiite senior leaders do not trust him or his fanatical followers. Coalition and Iraqi forces must physically restore order and require those with grievances to work through the emerging governmental channels; that is the symbol of civil society in the modern age. To pull out would be a monumental failure and lead to escalated sectarian violence that will make Rwanda look like a kindergarden class. -- Dr. Derrin Ray Smith

No, due to U.S. President George W. Bush's arrogance in not joining forces with the United Nations and the main European countries (France and Germany) and wanting to go it alone, he has created a mess. He thought he could tell everyone to go to hell and the United States could handle the situation. Obviously, he was wrong. The Iraqi people see the USA as occupiers and not there to help them. They probably feel they are no better off then under Saddam. -- Arlene Weber

The murderous, illegal, larcenous invasion and occupation of Iraq by the USA and her "allied" dupes ought to be ended as quickly as possible. Moqtada al-Sadr is entirely in the right. -- Douglas Snow

Europeans view Americans as jingoist cowboys wielding "Old West Justice." I believe you sell us short. We have stood by Europe when it cost us the treasure of our youth. I believe, as do the vast majority of Americans, that much of Europe has deserted us politically. Had we abandoned European nations in many tough situations there would be no European Union today. If you believe that you can make deals with terrorists, buy them off, or otherwise appease them, you are sadly mistaken. If you have a better way, talk to us on a meaningful level as an ally and friend. It hurts us deeply, especially those of us with German heritage, that our long years of support meant so little to Europe, especially where France and Germany are concerned. We would like to see criticism, only when it is proceeded by statements of support and constructive suggestions as to solutions in which you will join. -- William R. Mann, Lt. Col., U.S. Army, Ret., USA

I do not think foreign governments should pull out of Iraq. Because of the freedom that will come to the majority of Iraq people if all governments stay and see that freedom is provided for the majority of Iraq people. -- James Henry Lincoln, Sr.

All foreign troops should pull out of Iraq. They were not invited by the Iraqi people but were invited by President Bush, whose advisors are all pro-Israel. -- Nabil Dajani

I do not think that foreign governments should pull out of Iraq. I believe that if a government buckles to the pressures of terrorists, then a precedent will be set for future criminal and terrorist organizations to try to sway those governments with minor threats. The United States has honest goals at establishing a modern Democracy in Iraq. The prior "regime" was criminal. The problem now is that people such as the Shiite cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, are killing in the name of "Allah" to disguise their greed and incessant need for power. Otherwise, why would you kill a fellow religious leader, or anyone for that matter? Other governments, as much as I hate being here in Iraq, should support the U.S. resolve so we all can pull out sooner rather than later. -- Vlad

Why would any foreign government risk the lives of their people playing follow the leader, what sane head of state would care so little about their people that they would send them to their death. Let those who it appears love war suffer the consequence of war and perhaps they will not be so eager to solve the problem on the battlefield. -- Robert Ferrin

Although I was opposed to the war initially, I believe that we are committed and as a result we must leave the troops to help the Iraqis stabilize their country and to move forward. To allow this to become another Afghanistan would be a disaster for the entire world. The French and Germans, the main opponents to the war must, must, must work out a way to operate and help the Americans. Walking away will simply not resolve any problems. -- Phillip Kerle

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