Lawyers: Blatter, Platini to appeal FIFA ban | News | DW | 11.01.2016
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Lawyers: Blatter, Platini to appeal FIFA ban

Lawyers representing the FIFA and UEFA presidents have said their clients plan to appeal eight-year bans. FIFA's ethics tribunal said it found "no legal basis" for a payment that Blatter approved for Platini.

FIFA President Joseph Blatter's lawyer Richard Cullen said on Sunday that his client "will file an appeal" against an eight-year ban on all football activities.

The move comes as lawyers representing both Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini received the full reasons for the eight-year bans on Saturday.

"We'll read them, analyze them and launch an appeal on Monday," said Platini's lawyer Thibaud d'Ales.

In December, FIFA's ethics tribunal ruled that both men were guilty of conflict of interest and breach of loyalty over a payment of 2 million Swiss francs ($2 million, 1.8 million euros) made to Platini in 2011 for work allegedly carried out between 1999 and 2002.

The tribunal did not provide details for the bans, but noted that it had "fulfilled its commitment to provide the grounds for the respective decision to Mr. Blatter and Mr. Platini within the first half of January 2016."

The court found "no legal basis" for the "disloyal" payment, although both men said it was the fulfillment of a verbal contract.

"After receiving the grounds for the decisions, both officials may lodge an appeal with the FIFA Appeal Committee," the tribunal said in a statement.

If rejected, Blatter and Platini can take their appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the highest tribunal in sports.

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