La Liga, Bundesliga express solidarity with Barcelona victims | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 18.08.2017
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La Liga, Bundesliga express solidarity with Barcelona victims

Spain's La Liga returns to action this weekend under the shadow of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils that left 14 dead and dozens injured. Many in the sporting world have expressed their condolences.

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Barcelona reactions from the world of sports

The new La Liga season kicks off this Friday and league officials have asked the RFEF (the Spanish football federation) for a minute's silence to be held before the opening kickoff for all of the games of the first weekend of competition.

Barcelona don't play until Sunday, when they host Betis, while the Catalan capital's other side, Espanyol visit Sevilla on Saturday. "Professional football will contribute to the condolences in this way and expresses solidarity with the friends and relatives of the victims," a statement posted on the league's website said.

"FC Barcelona wants to express its profound sorrow and utter disgust at the terrorist attack that has

hit the heart of our city, la Rambla de Barcelona," a statement released by the Spanish giants said.  "The club wishes to send our support and thoughts to the victims, their families and friends as well as the people of Barcelona and its visitors."

It also said that flags would fly at half mast at all of its facilities and that players would wear black armbands as a mark of respect.

"With our hearts still shrinking to see Barcelona, our beloved Barcelona, attacked vilely by terror and hate, we want to show our solidarity with all the people affected as well as to thank enormously all the support received by both the city and our club," Espanyol said in a statement.

Barcelona's greatest footballing rivals expressed their solidarity.

"Real Madrid would like to express its deepest sorrow regarding the attack which has taken place in the city of Barcelona and the club stands together with the victims, their families and their friends,"

they said. "It also hopes for the quickest possible recovery to all those injured in the incident."

Moments of silence in the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga also kicks off this Friday, with the champions, Bayern Munich hosting Bayer Leverkusen. The company that operates the league, the DFL, has also announced that a moment's silence is to be held before all first and second division games this weekend. In a statement, it also announced that the players would also wear black armbands in an expression of solidarity with "all of the people of Spain and particularly with the 15 Spanish players in the Bundesliga and the second Bundesliga."

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