Kyle Zimmer: First Book President from the USA | Social Entrepreneurs | DW | 18.04.2008
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Social Entrepreneurs

Kyle Zimmer: First Book President from the USA

Seit inzwischen 14 Jahren setzt sich Kyle Zimmer dafür ein, dass 15 years ago, Kyle Zimmer decided to provide children from low-income families with free new books.


A one-time lawyer and political advisor, she volunteered for a while at a Washington children's centre. There she found that the children had no books for their age group and were poor readers with no educational prospects. This applies to 27 million children in the US, so Kyle Zimmer founded First Book. She contacted childrens and youth centres all over the country in a search for the neediest children, fund-raised and got publishers on board. They donated unsold books, and more recently, Kyle Zimmer had childrens' classics reprinted and distributed cheaply. First Book supplies 7 million books a year to 3,000 communities and 16,000 children's homes. Now First Book is to be introduced to Canada and India. Christian Uhlig met Kyle Zimmer in Washington.