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Ksenia from Russia

Humanity and information – that is what Ksenia values about DW. In her private life, she is also looking for a good combination of extremes.

Name: Ksenia
City / Country: Moscow / Russia
Year of birth: 1987
Occupation: IT analyst

I use DW because I use the DW because it offers so much -interesting information.

What I especially like about DW are the people who work there.

My first/best experience with DW was when I traveled to Bonn and I got the chance to visit DW.

Ksenia helped decide which topic would be featured in the last episode of the “future now” series and picked up the grand prize: a trip for two to Germany. She and her sister Elizaveta came to DW and also took a tour of the CAESAR research center.

My wish for the future is to combine family and career.

Sent by: Ksenia from Russia
Edited by: Jeanette Müller