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Kohl Thinks Memoirs Will Set Record Straight

Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl always said he'd never write an autobiography. But in the end, his wish to set the record straight forced him to change his mind, he told reporters as he presented the first of a two-volume autobiography entitled "Memories: 1930 - 1982." Kohl said he didn't agree with the way he and his government were described in the memoirs of some of his peers. "I lived during the same time, I was there and it was completely different," said Kohl. Readers hoping to finally discover the truth about who was involved in the 1999 slush funds scandal that has tainted Kohl's reputation will be disappointed: Kohl said he will still not disclose the names of those who donated some €1 million ($1.3 million) in illegal campaign contributions. "I will write about the overall spending question," said Kohl. "About people, I have given a definitive answer." Kohl dedicated his memoirs to his late wife, Hannelore, who committed suicide in 2001 after suffering for years from an incurable allergy to sunlight.