Kiriatu Murungi: 5,2 Millionen Euro for anti-corruption fight in Kenya | Press Releases | DW | 17.05.2005
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Press Releases

Kiriatu Murungi: 5,2 Millionen Euro for anti-corruption fight in Kenya

Kenyan Minister of Justice in an interview with DW-RADIO

"The German government will release 500 million Kenyan shillings (5,2 million Euro) for financial assistance", Kiriatu Murungi said in an interview with the Kiswahili Programme of DW-RADIO. The money was withheld by the government in Berlin because of the Kenyan governments laxity in fighting corruption. Murungi: "I’m very pleased by this move of the government because the German officials seem to be satisfied with the present move taken by the Kenyan government in fighting corruption. I believe the relations between the two countries are in a stronger footing now."

A spokesman of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Berlin emphazised that Germany will release the financial aid for good governance "as soon as the successor of John Githongo is nominated". John Githongo was the presidential anti-corruption adviser in Kenya. He resigned in early February 2005.

Furthermore the Minister of Justice announced on DW-RADIO during his visit in Berlin: "Kenya will have a new constitution by the end of this year after being approved by the people through a referendum to be held in December."

13 May 2005