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Kino Special: Best actresses

Who’s the brightest and most beautiful on the silver screen? From heroine to tragic figure, femme fatale to girl-next-door, watch the ten best German actresses right here.

Watch video 11:59

Choosing the ten best German actresses is a nearly impossible task. German cinema has no shortage of truly great actresses. While their colleagues in Hollywood are often reduced to playing arm candy for the male characters, women in Germany get roles that are easily as complex as those written for men. And that’s of course reflected in our list of favorites: They’ve played Nazi wives and rebels, artists and monsters, and even a Pope. What they have in common is subtlety and emotion. These women give their all on screen, provoking and polarizing audiences. They have no time for vanity. That may be why it took so long for us at KINO to decide on a list of just ten. It ranges from the stars of the 1930s to the extraordinary and unique screen heroines of today.