King Otto and Germany′s Reforms | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 07.07.2004
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Social Media

King Otto and Germany's Reforms

While many DW-WORLD readers commented on German coach Otto Rehhagel's Greek victory at Euro 2004, others wrote about Germany's reform plans.


At least one German's celebrating

Why should Rehhagel return to Germany? The way the German team has been playing during the last years, well that's their way, no concept, unpredictable and with good luck they make it sometimes in the last minute, in between shallow. The final during the last world championship was already disaster enough. Why should a qualified coach like Rehhagel spoil and jeopardize his reputation with such a team. What will remain for the upcoming world championship is that Germany will be the host -- that's all.With a lot of luck they will be among the last eight but not among the last four not to mention to win anything. -- Valerio

I have been a fan of the German soccer team for the last 20 years. I was very much dissapointed to see Germany out of Euro 2004 but they really deserved to be out because they played very ordinary football. I feel the new Germany coach should be Christoph Daum and he must be given a chance rather than appointing Otto Rehhagel as Germany coach. Although his team won EURO 2004, it didn't have the flair of Franz Beckenbaur's World Cup winning team of 1990. -- Yogesh Koranne, India

With the European union going forward and quite well if may say so, there should not be native boundaries nowhere in Europe. Otto Rehhagel is is just that: a brilient mind, fantastic human being, and he belongs to Europe. -- George Karavitis

Government's reform course

A general election in 2006 will be much tighter than recent results in state and European elections would indicate; nevertheless, the German economy simply isn't flexible enough to significantly improve in the next two years. The SPD's only hope is that the CDU/CSU continues to be a relatively incompetent oppostion that fails to clearly offer a contrast to the socially unjust and ineffective SPD/Green reform policies. -- Abdul-Rahman Muaranah

Schröder auf dem SPD- Sonderparteitag

Schröder still has hopes for another term in office after the 2006 elections.

Gerhard Schröder is the right man in the right place at the right time.Germany has been facing tremendous difficulties due to rapid changes in the both Europe and the World. The chancellor is still working hard in the best interest of Germany. The German people need to be patient, waiting until his reform programs have been completed. Just imagine what would have happened if either Stoiber or Merkel were handling the German economy. -- Viet Do, Australia

Yes, Schröder must stick with the reforms. I think Europeans in general are only just learning that socialism is a state run pyramid scheme. It is destined to fail without an ever growing base and since Europe has been trying to reduce population growth for quite some time, the base is shrinking. You can't have both socialism and shrinking population. -- G. Fuhr

Reform is never easy and its only natural to be resistant to change. But change we all must. The world is not static. The Social Democrats reforms are moderate, if uncomforatable and are important to better economic conditions, and to a more fair social treatment. -- Christoipher Yonker

Longer Workweek Increasing the length of the work week would not only harm Germany's economy -- it would also harm the country's society. People need to enjoy life. They should not be chained to their jobs. Humans were not meant to work as slaves. Society has crumbled because of these prisons. -- Jan Velema, Canada

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