King Fahd Academy in Bonn Dismisses Teacher | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 21.11.2003
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King Fahd Academy in Bonn Dismisses Teacher

The controversial King Fahd Academy in Bonn has dismissed a teacher believed to have given a speech calling for a Jihad, or Holy War. The move was confirmed Wednesday by a committee made up of the Academy's educational board, the Cologne district government and the Bonn city council, responsible for supervising the college curriculum. In a further decision, the committee has also suspended seminars and events held by visiting persons. Founded in 1995 with funds from the Saudi Arabian royal family, the Academy in recent years allegedly developed into a meeting place for Islamic fundamentalists, according to intelligence gathered by the German Agency for Internal Security. In late October, city officials reached an agreement with the Saudi Arabian Embassy not to close the Academy, but to monitor its activities.