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Kidnapped Mexican footballer Alan Pulido rescued 'safe and sound'

Mexican authorities say they have rescued Pulido hours after he was kidnapped in his home state of Tamaulipas. The 25-year-old wore a bandage on his wrist but said he was "very well, thank God."

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Mexican footballer Alan Pulido rescued

Pulido, 25, was rescued by state and federal forces before midnight on Sunday, the government of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas said, without giving details of the operation.

A tweeted photo showed the player, sporting a bandaged wrist, with Tamaulipas governor Egidio Torre Cantu.

Speaking to journalists outside the state police offices where he was taken after the rescue, Pulido said he was "very well, thank God."

The former national team forward, who now plies his trade with Greek club Olympiakos, had been kidnapped outside his hometown of Ciudad Victoria on Saturday night. Tamaulipas is notorious for its crime rate.

State police spokesman Evaristo Gutierrez said one suspect had been arrested, but provided no details.

tj/msh (AP, AFP)

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