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Kick off!

Kick off! - Special

When Bayern Munich took on Borussia Dortmund on October 4th, the whole world tuned in to watch the German football classic. Kick off! visited Bayern and Dortmund supporters in the US, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Europe to experience the top match at their sides.

Watch video 26:10

"I'm a bit in love with Borussia Dortmund," said Alex Speirs after taking in the atmosphere at the stadium's infamous South Stand. Speirs - who works with the elderly in Sydney - is a member of Borussia Dortmund Australia. He stayed up late for this game, of course. In his time zone Down Under, kick off was at 1:30 in the morning.

"Lewandowski will score twice," predicted Bayern supporter Jakub "Kuba" Wolski before the big match. The ten-year-old lives in the Polish capital Warsaw. He plays football himself, and his greatest idol is - who else? - Robert Lewandowski.

For Xiaodong Liang, it all started with Lothar Matthäus' goal in the 1990 World Cup final. The native of Shanghai’s love for German football eventually turned into a passion for Bayern. Philipp Lahm is Xiaodong’s favorite player - not least because the two are almost of a size.

"When I saw Jürgen Klopp on TV - how he ran up and down the sideline like a madman and how this young team tackled the match like it was their last one - I was fascinated," says Josué Silva, who lives in one of Porto Alegre's suburbs in Brazil and works as a chief engineer for the local bus company.

Michael Fähnle-Hedge loves the Bundesliga because he says it puts the fans first, with low ticket prices, exhilarating matches and the 50+1 club member majority rights rule. Originally from Bavaria, Michael has lived in the US for 17 years now. He works as a lobbyist in Washington, and dedicates the little free time he has to football and his fan club "DC Bayern Capitol 11”.

Souichiro Tsukimine became a Dortmund fan when Shinji Kagawa joined the team in 2010. He’s a media designer who lives in Tokyo and writes his own fan blog in Japanese, the "Dortmund Magazine”.

We show how these six football fanatics experienced the match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in our next Kick off! Special: FCB vs BVB Worldwide.