Kick-Off Game Poised for Bundesliga Start | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 03.08.2005
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Kick-Off Game Poised for Bundesliga Start

A new season of Bundesliga action also means a new campaign for the international tipsters signed up for DW-WORLD's Kick-Off Betting Game. With fingers poised, let the predicting begin!


Predict the scores this season with DW-WORLD and DW-TV

The wait is over! On August 5, the new Bundesliga season kicks off. That not only means that Germany's league teams are swinging back into action but also that DW-WORLD is starting up its own campaign again. And that means that the world's soccer prediction specialists are raring to go with a new season of the Kick-Off Betting Game.

The Bundesliga season starts on Friday at 18:30 UTC with the champions Bayern Munich playing Borussia Mönchengladbach in the new Allianz Arena. The Kick-Off Betting Game season starts right now with soccer experts across the globe filling out their predictions for the campaign ahead, courtesy of the DW-WORLD and DW-TV offerings.

And just like the real thing, competition in the Kick-Off Betting Game arena is fierce with players from all over the world taking part in the seven languages the game is offered in.

Compete against tipsters from around the globe

The Kick-Off Betting Game gives you the opportunity to pick the scores and pit your soccer wits against other armchair experts from around the globe. Match for match, individually or in a team, with or against friends and colleagues. Prove your skills in picking the winners and the losers and you too could be lifting your own trophy come the end of the season.

Elvis Tippspielgewinner Bundesliga

Elvis Tippspielgewinner Bundesliga

Last year, the accolades went to "Elvis", the master predictor who left more than 4000 other tipsters behind him in the race to be the Kick-Off champion. "Elvis" will be battling hard again this season to defend his title: "I must defend my title or at least try it," the champ told DW-WORLD.

This year, however, "Elvis" faces a dilemma. The Cologne fan who predicted with nerves of steel last season may be swayed by his heart this time out as his beloved team are now back in the top flight: "This season presents a problem," he said. "I will have to avoid the so-called 'fan glasses' when predicting Cologne's games."

"Elvis" sends out a confident message

Despite this, "Elvis" is in a combative mood: "I don't think anyone will beat me this year or next." If his competitors were lacking motivation, the champion's assertion that he will again triumph may be the spur they need.

There should also be plenty of motivation coming from the prizes too. Each weekly winner, the player who gets the most points after a particular match day, will win a Tip Kick Classic table soccer set. The cult game, first released in 1924, has since sold five million sets and is a much sought-after item for all soccer fans.

Great prizes for master predictors

But the main prize, apart from the honor of being named Kick-Off champion, is the final reward of a Praktica Luxmedia 5103 digital camera with 5.3 mega pixel and 3-fold optical zoom.

preise kickofftipp! 2005/2006 Bundesliga Tippspiel

preise kickofftipp! 2005/2006 Bundesliga Tippspiel

You can become the owner of this snazzy digital camera if you score the most points after the 34 match days. There are also two other Praktica Digi-Cams with 4.2 mega pixel up for grabs for the top tipster at the end of the first half of the season and the best of the second half.

To keep up-to-date with all that's going on, as well as reading up on the Bundesliga on DW-WORLD, tipsters can also gain an advantage by watching DW TV's "Kick Off!" program.

Keep informed with DW-TV

In its weekly soccer magazine, DW-TV presents news, personalities and stories from around the Bundesliga. Every Thursday, "Bundesliga Kick Off!" previews the coming games and gives all the information needed to be fully informed come match day.

Taking part in the Kick-Off Betting Game has never been easier. All that is required to sign up for the game is an email address. Once registered, you can start predicting the games. Don't forget: betting closes five minutes before the game begins.

Take the chance to win prizes and pit your soccer knowledge against fans from all over the world with DW-WORLD's Kick-Off Betting Game and DW-TV. Good luck and happy tipping!

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