Kick it Like...Martin Sentov | Kick it like | DW | 06.03.2009
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Kick it like

Kick it Like...Martin Sentov

In the gym with Martin Sentov, a football-mad Bulgarian who plies his trade in Cyprus's third division.


Hello, my name is Martin. I`am from Bulgaria. No I´am in Cyprus and play for

Digenis Oroklini, third Division.

I play defender, central defender. Left, right leg is okay. With the head in the

air is good. Everyday we have training five o´clock fixed.

I´am 23 years old. I´am born in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria.

And I´am in Cyprus for already one year

My german favourite team: Stern des Südens, FC Bayern München!

My dream is sure: I want to play in Liverpool.

I hope one day. Rafa Benitez come for holiday in Cyprus and see me.

How you, we work very hard for third Division in Cyprus. This is my Kick It Like

without a ball. Bye, bye.

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