Kick it like...Doreen | Kick it like | DW | 05.02.2009
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Kick it like

Kick it like...Doreen

My name is Doreen Nabwire, I’m 21 years old and I live in Kariobangi South, Nairobi.


I’ve been at MYSA für 11 years. I’ve been playing for MYSA’s Mathare United Women’s Team for five years now. Also, I play in a local team here known as "Blue Stars".
It was a four-a-side tournament, the Street Football World Cup in Germany – Kreuzberg, Berlin. It was really fun, the teams had to make their own rules. And there was a lot of pressure on us. We just managed to become the winners and champions of the event.
I would like to play in Germany. I’d really, really love to go there because they have the Women’s Bundesliga. I think it’s very serious and also inspiring for someone like me. Because here in the country we have female footballers but they are not taken care of.

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