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Kick it like

Kick it like: Samer

Samer is 15 years old and plays for the Gaza Sportsclub in Gaza City. Samer trains twice a week but would love to play every day to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional soccer player.


My name is Samer Nael Al Shorafa.

I play for Gaza Sports Club in Palestine.

I like football - it builds up my muscles and it is good for my body and my mind.

My favorite arabic teams are El Ahly from Egypt and Bayern Munich in Europe.

I especially like Ballack and Klose.

And the arab players Mohamed Aboutrika und Emad Moteab.

I play football because I want to go professional like the european and arab players.

That’s why I like coming to train here twice a week. I would even come more often.

I can also play with my friends here, too.

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