Kick it Like: Nigel & Clinton | Kick it like | DW | 12.03.2009
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Kick it like

Kick it Like: Nigel & Clinton

Nigel and Clinton are two brothers from Goa, India. They love football and are big fans of players like Michael Ballack and Jens Lehmann. They also tell us about the wild boar taking a bath next to their house ...


My name is Clinton Fernandes and I am from Benaulim, Goa. I like to play football.

My name is Nigel Fernandes. I am in Standard Seven. My favourite team is Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United is the best team.

My hero is Lehmann from Germany. He’s a good goalkeeper and I like his style of goalkeeping. I want to be like him.

They are not dangerous. But if you go to catch them if they get scared. They run away. They run away. And sometimes we have to find them for about five days.

I like to play football because it makes a person healthy. And it gives a person a great personality. That’s it.

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