Kick it Like: Loay | Kick it like | DW | 22.12.2008
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Kick it like

Kick it Like: Loay

Loay is 19 years old and lives in Qalandiya, a refugee camp beween Ramallah and Jerusalem. He is the Goelkeeper for Sportclub Qalandiya and dreams of a future as a player for his national team.


My name is Loay Nabil Asfour.

I play for Qalandiya Sports Club, in Qalandiya refugee camp.

I love football. It is played all over the world.

Palestinians don’t have much, but we have football.


Football is a hobby for me. It’s a game for young and old.

Everyone loves football and nobody wants to do without it.

I hope that we can become professionals abroad like others do,

and sometime even play internationally for my country.

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