Kick it like: Ljuben | Kick it like | DW | 04.09.2008
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Kick it like

Kick it like: Ljuben

We find out about a miniature David Beckham, bookworm sisters from a rising young talent on the Bulgarian soccer scene.


My name is Ljuben.

I play for Levski Sofia.

I am a left winger.

I’m also left-footed.

My dream is to become

a professional one day

and play in the German Bundesliga.

I want to show you where I live.

This is my house.

This is my sister Elena.

She’s seven years old.

She’s reading a book.

This is my bedroom.

This is my office

and these are my favorite football shirts.

We bought this when I was

in Barcelona with my father.

We saw Barcelona play Inter.

This is the shirt I wear for

Levski – number 11.

This is the trophy I won

at the last youth tournament.

I was top goalscorer and

scored five goals

This little ball is from Liverpool,

my favorite team.

That is Beckham

And that is my kindergarten.

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