Kick it Like: Felix and friends | Kick it like | DW | 02.10.2008
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Kick it like

Kick it Like: Felix and friends

18-year-old Felix meets up with his friends to warm up for a freestyle contest - a mix of juggling and heading skills. We went to get a sneak preview as they gathered on Alexanderplatz in Berlin ...



Felix, go ahead.


I'm from Regensburg in Bavaria and I'm here for the Freestyle- meeting.

Denis :

We're here at the official freestyle meeting in Berlin.


Palle's real name is Rickard Sjolander, I can't really say it properly, he's from Sweden. I saw the first freestyle video from him. That's why I got started.


He's about to do his best trick here. Watch out. Yes, that's it.


Footballers are not really Freestylers - Ronaldinho, Christiano Ronaldo they don't actually freestyle. They just do a few tricks.


That's it.

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