Kenya: Environmental Protection and Nature Films | Africa | DW | 05.03.2009
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Kenya: Environmental Protection and Nature Films

Reporting on environmental protection and nature from an African point of view - that was the subject of this practical training course from journalists and film-makers.


Most nature films set in Africa that arouse international interest are not produced by black African film-makers or camera operators. All the more reason for the sixteen journalists and film-makers to spend the first few days of the course discussing what environmental or nature films from an African point of view might look like. Participants talked about questions such as: what African perspective can environmental films have? What are typical African nature themes?

This practical training course was held in co-operation with the Goethe Institut in Nairobi, Kenya. Ten reporters and editors, three camera operators, two video editors and a multimedia assistant from a range of media institutions took part in the seminar.

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Participants chose three topics for training course productions: "Use of Agro Chemicals ", "Lost Paradise - the slow death of the Nakuru lake" and "Sandharvesting - the ecological effects of collecting sand for the domestic construction industry."

The production teams - each made up of a journalist / reporter, producer, camera operator, sound engineer and video editor - scripted and realized their own film concepts, producing eight-minute documentaries on each of the three chosen ecology and nature topics.

These films were shown at a public ceremony in the Goethe Institute. This ceremony was also aimed at encouraging the film-makers to try to market their films internationally and enter them in international competitions. The documentaries shot during this training course were also broadcast on Kenyan TV.

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