Kate Müser | PopXport - The German Music Magazine | DW | 16.07.2015
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Kate Müser

Music is in Kate Müser's blood. Her dad was a professional musician and she grew up in one of the world's major music hubs: California. After studying music in the US, Kate moved to Germany - and stayed.

Kate has a thing for languages and has always had a special interest in bands who sing in German. As a former Deutsche Welle radio host, her most memorable interviews were a pre-concert get-together with Revolverheld and an exclusive in-studio performance with singer-songwriter Maxim. Now on PopXport, Kate has found that chatting in front of the camera is quite similar to her days performing music on stage.
When she's not in the PopXport studio, you can find Kate updating her playlist, sweating at the gym, sipping an extra foamy cappuccino, or tweeting at @katemueser.