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Karin Helmstaedt

Karin Helmstaedt was born in Canada. With a German father and Canadian mother, she grew up with a lively mix of cultures as the daily norm.

That's why after studies in Physical and Health Education and Literature in Toronto and Montreal, she set out for Paris and the Sorbonne, where she studied French Literature.

It was there she began writing as a journalist, and freelancing as a translator and presenter at sporting events. She reported extensively on doping in the former East Germany, and in 1997 co-produced the prize-winning documentary "Staatsgeheimnis Kinderdoping" for German public television. Her subsequent work on the subject brought her to Berlin in 1998, where she continued freelance writing for newspapers and magazines, and contributed to a book. She also joined DW's television channel as a news translator and speaker, and in 1999 began as presenter of "Germany Today". Now she's part of the euromaxx team.

She spends most of her free time with her husband and two children, loves to be outside and still gets in the water as much as she can. She also sings, writes, has a faible for cookbooks (and food!), and makes a point of being a tourist at least once a month.