Journalism and the Internet | Europe/Central Asia | DW | 02.03.2009
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Europe/Central Asia

Journalism and the Internet

The Internet is still in its infancy in Central Asia - but the number of users keeps growing rapidly. DW Akademie's workshops get journalists ready for the digital age - and connect them to each other.


The current project began at the end of 2008. It supports radio and online journalists while working with the Internet and helps them to improve their Websites.

Participants are meant to recognize the special role and chances of the Internet for the dissemination of information as well as the promotion of freedom of speech and democracy. The project helps them to present content in a user-friendly way online and improve their Websites - both technically and in terms of content.

So far, workshops have taken place at Radio Vatan in Dushanbe/Tajikistan and at the online news portal in Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan. More projects are planned for 2009 - also in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The project is also meant to help set up and use Internet platforms and other tools to create networks for journalists. A new online forum,, serves as a virtual meeting place for Central Asian journalists. The forum will be expanded to include a social networking element in the near future.

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