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Made in Germany

Joseph A. from Malta

Joseph A. from Malta is concerned about the loss of humanity.

  • Name: Joseph A.
  • Age: 35
  • Occupation: Bank Clerk
  • City / Country: Malta

    1. What global economic event has made the biggest impression on you?
    The september 11 events with the fall of the twin towers.

    2. What do you believe are the largest risks for the global economy/for your country's economy?
    We are loosing the human aspect. We are just numbers and not human beings for those we work for and for our politicians.

    3. Which famous person in the business world would you like to meet some day?
    No one in particular

    4. What would you like for the future of your country?
    That we live in political peace and work for the welfare of the nation, no matter what political party one belongs to.

    5. I watch Made in Germany because ...
    ...I learn a lot from this program about what is going on in this beautiful country which I am discovering slowly by DW-World.