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Jorge Alfredo from Argentina

On an incredibly hot summer day, Jorge Alfredo pushed the wrong button that opened up a completely new world.

Name: Jorge Alfredo
City / Country: Remedios de Escalada (Buenos Aires) / Argentina
Year of birth: 1951
Occupation: personal trainer (Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, Hatha Yoga and Aerobics)

I use DW because: Since 1979, the year I began listening to DW, I consider it being a very objective media broadcaster. In addition to the great programming they also implement excellent direct quotes and statements from people and experts. Moreover DW always shows great respect towards its audience and I appreciate DW also promoting the creation of DX listeners clubs all around the world. I also would like to praise all the great contests, such as the “Day of the listener", with very interesting prices to win.

Topics that interest me: politics, ecology, economy, history and news in general

What I especially like about DW: the great amount of respect for its global audiences.

My first experience with DW was during the torrid summer of 1979, when I first started testing a new receiver and accidentally pushed the button that said "short wave", it was there that I discovered DW and a completely new and exciting world. Ever since then, I never lost contact with Deutsche Welle.

My wish for the future: My first wish perhaps sounds utopian, but it would be for Deutsche Welle to go back to transmitting via short wave, even if only on a single frequency and for a single hour per day. The second wish is to once visit Germany in general and DW in particular.

Sent by: Jorge Alfredo from Argentina
Edited by: Jeanette Müller