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Jesús Augustín from Mexico

Rammstein, climate change and other cultures – Jesús Augustín uses DW to experience all of his interests in pictures.

Name: Jesús Augustín
City / Country: Guadalajara / Mexico
Occupation: student

I use DW because with DW I’ve learned a lot about different places in the world. DW helps me to understand foreign cultures, their way of life, their gastronomy and their customs. I especially like Global 3000.

I am interested in topics like climate change and renewable energy, as well as German music, German food and the German Bundesliga.

What I especially like about DW: I really enjoy DW’s excellent cultural content and the portraits of places from around the world. These pictures of places are like food for my eyes: Even unknown places are suddenly full of content and pictures – as if these places were embedded in my memory.

My first experience with DW was in the year 2005, when I saw PopXport the first time – it was so entertaining. They showed Rammstein videos and I am a huge Rammstein fan – I saw them in 2001, 2010 and 2011 when they gave concerts in Mexico.
DW also grabbed my attention with the tone of the programs.

My wish for the future: I have a lot to wish for: One world where equality rules and there is access to drinking water for ALL people around the world. I also wish there would be a more information about what each individual can do to soften the impact of climate change.

Sent by: Jesús Augustín from Mexico
Edited by: Jeanette Müller