Jean Francois Julliard, France | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 06.10.2015
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Jean Francois Julliard, France

What would you do if you were head of Greenpeace France?

Jean Francois Julliard is the executive director of Greenpeace France. Greenpeace is probably the most famous environmental organization worldwide.

And for him, 2015 will be an especially busy year: Paris is hosting the United Nations climate summit, which is being billed as perhaps the most important environmental conference of the decade.

In Paris, 196 states will come together the first two weeks of December to sign a global climate treaty intended to tackle global warming.

Environmental activists around the globe are gearing up for the summit. But what is their core message?

Jean Francois Julliard has declared: We all have to unite and fight for 100 percent renewable energy. Politicians at the climate conference have to understand that this is the most effective way of stopping climate change

Yet he doesn't think politicians will save our planet - here, he tells us why.

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