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Javed from Pakistan

Javed from Pakistan loves the modesty of DW’s hosts – but he would love to see them smile even more.

Name: Javed
City / Country: Karachi / Pakistan
Year of birth: 1960
Occupation: Service

I use DW because because I love the way of their presentation of news and information.

I am interested in shows and reports that particularly tell me about everyday’s innovation and make me believe that inventions and discoveries could never come to an end.

What I especially like about DW are the presenters who are humble and have the best way to attract listeners and keep connected with them.

My first experience with DW was when I went to the Karachi EXPO Centre in December 2011 and met the gorgeous Saira Hassan Shaikh and Afsar Awan (Urdu Service Staff). They welcomed us heartily and gave ample of their precious time.

My wish for the future is that I would get more of such chances to meet the presenters or someday just sit in their studio and watch them presenting. I would like to see the smile on their face that until yet I can only sense when I listen to their voice.

Sent by: Javed from Pakistan
Edited by: Jeanette Müller