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Jason from United States & Ireland

Art and writing help Jason overcome the horrors of the Vietnam War.

First name: Jason
City / Country: Lititz, PA & Kinsale Co., Cork / United States & Ireland
Year of birth: 1950

First thing in the morning, what I think about is the ability to stand up and knowing how much pain I must endure to accomplish that. It all seems so ridiculous now – the war in Vietnam, my injuries, surgeries and now the need for many types of medications just to walk and think. I suppose every war is like this. There are no winners, just guys like me all battered and broken for some one else's misguided dreams.

I associate DW with real news. I am of German heritage and was raised with the mentality to "look right into a person’s eyes" and give a good solid handshake while doing so. I watched your programming last night. It keeps me up to date and doesn't spin the news. Have you watched Fox News lately? It is a waste of tape and time.

My first experience with DW was many years ago while living in Ireland. I found your programming on cable one night and it was good!

I am very interested in topics such as books. I myself have written a book – a few, in fact – but the latest was published several months ago and is my autobiography. I used a different approach from the traditional autobiography, using vignettes that refer to earlier chronology to add detail or make a point in a story. It was a revelation for me when I realized I had painted four generations in words!

I use DW mainly through the shows you air. My wife and I spent some time in Germany on our way to Portugal, where I was doing a one man show of my art at the embassy in Lisbon. I liked Germany; it is a progressive country.

This year I am thinking a lot about… Actually, I don't really have a choice. I have to think about marketing my new book. Then in December, we will be in Ireland, where I paint. I hope to complete eight paintings for a gallery there. My wife complains that I think about work all of the time. The truth is, she is right!

My wishes for the future: That he numbness in my hands and fingers from the Agent Orange they sprayed on us in Vietnam won't keep me from holding a brush. It doesn't look to promising. That is why I wrote the book. It covers my entire career: 40+ years as a professional artist all over the world. In fact, Worldwide Who’s Who named me "Professional of the Year in Fine Arts," a significant honor.


Kate from United States: "I would like to comment that I have read “A Puzzled Existence". The book takes you along for the ride through Jason's life. Taking the high roads, low roads and in between, it's a fascinating trip. Jason's Artwork is very unique. His painting process is very interesting and quite different. My favorites being his paintings of Irish Cottages and his study of Nudes, both of which I feel are unparalleled."

Sent by: Jason from the United States
Edited by: Jeanette Müller