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Japhet from Costa Rica

Japhet is a fan of DW because of the hope it provides – with real stories from real life.

Name: Japhet
City / Country: Costa Rica
Year of birth: 1977
Occupation: Physical Therapist

I use DW because already as a child I had the opportunity several times to watch DW on television. And now, thanks to cable television, I again am able to receive DW, the channel I enjoy watching and listening to in the mornings before going to work.

I like DW because in spite of their thematic emphasis being on Germany and Europe (which I would really like to visit someday) they offer interesting stories about topics such as art, historical buildings and their maintenance or ecology. They very much focus on arts and the respective artists telling very interesting stories about the personalities that provide a feeling of warmth and closeness. Despite the situation being difficult in many regions and countries, DW provides hope reminding us that not all is yet lost and that there are people out there doing good and important / interesting things for this our planet.

I am interested in Arts, handcrafting, ecology, cars, technology, history, fashion, architecture

What I especially like about DW is the more human approach of presenting news and stories. At times that is very refreshing.

My first experience with DW: Since shortly I am enjoying DW again and I especially like to follow the real life stories. Just recently I saw this reportage about the very first engine (Daimler, Maybach, Jürgen Hirsch) and its back-story. That was really fascinating. Thank You.

My wish for the future is to continue enjoying DW’s programming that keeps its focus on the people without losing touch with the relevance of current topics and affairs.

Sent by: Japhet from Costa Rica
Edited by: Jeanette Müller