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Jaisakthivel from India

According to Jaisakthivel, DW offers the most interesting stories.

Name: Jaisakthivel
Country: India
Year of birth: 1978
Occupation: Academic

I use DW because there's always a treat in store for us. Compared to other broadcasters, you find more human interest stories.

Topics that interest me: As a radio listener, I regularly follow the DX programs. In general, I am interested in aspects touching on human beings.

What I especially like about DW: The current and creatively packaged news.

My first experience with DW: The mailbag with listener letters broadcast on DW. Also, I can't forget the DX boys.

My wish for the future: Do your best, so we can continue to receive the best.

Sent by: Jaisakthivel from India
Edited by: Jeanette Müller