Jahcoozi – A Melting Pot of Bubbling Beats | Newcomer Portrait | DW | 07.06.2010
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Newcomer Portrait

Jahcoozi – A Melting Pot of Bubbling Beats

They mix electro sounds with hip hop beats and punk rock with pop elements. Jahcoozi love to experiment. And they’re mixing up styles again on their new album, “Barefoot Wanderer”.


The variety of sounds match the diversity of the musicians: Vocalist Sasha Perera comes from London, her parents from Sri Lanka. Bass player and sound engineer Oren Gerlitz is an Isreaeli, while beat producer Robert Koch is German. In 2002, they got to know each other in Berlin, where they made a name for themselves with sensational live shows – especially the dance moves of lead vocalist Sasha. Meanwhile, the band have taken their show to five continents, and they’re now touring Europe with their new album. We caught up with Jahcoozi between gigs in their home town of Berlin.

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