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Islamic Schools Under State Control?

Police and officials from Frankfurt's office of municipal authority raided a Moroccan school for Koran studies in search of extremist propaganda. DW-WORLD readers shared their thoughts.


A classroom in Frankfurt's Taqwa mosque after the raid

In reaction to the German police getting involved in Bonn and Frankfurt, I absolutely agree with your government's decision to place ALL institutions of education and law to be subject by the regulation and enforcement of the State. Our secular law is what gives us our equality. Our institutions should support our law. The law of a state should have jurisdiction over all of its institutions within its territory. If a community wants to enjoy the freedoms of the law of the state, then they are expected to operate and be regulated themselves by that state. Nice work, guys. -- Dan Adams , USA

Islamic schools in Germany should also be under the state control. This would allow the state to influence and modify the content taught over their state, thus easing the integration of Muslims in German society, and avoiding such raids as in Frankfurt and their xenophobic aftermath. -- Muhammad Waseem , Pakistan currently in Darmstadt

Looking to present scenarios on the Islamic world, I do believe that these types of schools must be monitored by regional authorities. Because if a single case captured conducting miss-happenings would give negative impact on the entire Muslim world, spoiling the picture of holy religion in the eyes of the entire world community. -- Imran Khan , Pakistan

Police raids in mosque complexes during Friday prayers, id-search of all worshipers, presence of civil and uniformed police and security officers around Mosque communities is on increase in Germany. Many Muslims feel that such police raids and the activities of the secret police victimize all Muslims. The authorities must develop confidence and trust, not the opposite to combat extremism and terrorism. -- Atilla A Iftikhar

I believe that all Islamic schools must be subject to control, but this control should come from qualified Islamic scholars. A lot of times an ideology may be passed on to young minds which is solely the teacher's and not endorsed by Islam itself. -- A Ahmad

In order for the German state to protect the lives of its citizens, it must stop schools from teaching ideas and believes based on violence and hatred. Islamic schools should be submitted under the oversight of the government and all teachings related to jihad, hatred and negative propaganda about other religions should be prohibited. Also, teachers of religion should pass a certain number of courses or tests. I think Spain is considering this type of solution also. -- Olympia Gonzalez

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