Internships | Traineeship | DW | 17.09.2014
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As part of the traineeship you'll complete internships with the editorial departments at Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandradio. The internships are chosen to reflect your interests and talents.

For a total of nine months you'll be working with Deutsche Welle's editorial departments, so it's important that we find internships that best suit your talents and skills.

Not doubt you're also interested in learning more about other areas as well.
You might be a passionate TV journalist who's curious about radio, or an online enthusiast who's always been interested in video journalism. Either way, DW's multimedia traineeship offers you the chance to hone your skills in all types of media.

Deutsche Welle is located both in Bonn and Berlin. In Bonn the focus is on a multimedia approach while in Berlin the focus is on television. You can find a list of television programs where DW trainees can complete internships here.

Please note that this list also includes programs shared with the German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF, and where internships for DW trainees are not possible.

Whether you're in Bonn or Berlin, working for departments that focus on news, business, culture or sports, the internships focus on areas that interest you personally. According to your linguistic talents you will also be working in departments using additional DW broadcast languages.

A special highlight is an internship with one of our foreign bureaus in Brussels, Moscow or Washington and where your language and reporting skills are also in demand. We cover your travel and accommodation expenses here, but not for internships in Bonn and Berlin.

You'll also spend a month working in radio with DW's training partner, Deutschlandradio. And as for your internship elective, you get to choose whether you'd like to work with a broadcaster, publisher, press office or production company.

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