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Euromaxx - DIY

Instructions on how to make a wooden hand lamp

This time we'll be showing you how to make a really original lamp with the sort of wooden model hand used for drawing studies. Be sure to get the sort of lamp that hardly anyone else has.

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DIY: Lamp out of a Mannequin Hand

You need

  • the sort of wooden model hand used for drawing studies, which you can buy from an art supplies shop or on the Internet
  • a light socket with a plug and a switch, which you can get from a DIY store or online.
  • as big a vintage-style light bulb as possible. You can find them in interior design shops
  • a flat picture frame hook and the necessary screws
  • and a cordless screwdriver.


Attach the hook to the flat back of the hand.

Fix the hook with the two screws.

Caution: A wire threaded through the hand makes the fingers and wrist moveable, so take care not to drill through it. 

Now screw the bulb into the socket.

Hang the hand on a thick nail or screw on the wall.

Wrap the cord two or three times around the hand.

If you like, you can fix it with a piece of wire – preferably in the same color as the electricity cable.

Now all you need is power.

Turn the light on! And now you’ve got the sort of original lamp that hardly anyone else has at home.

Good to know

If you want you can also colour the hand entirely or only paint the nails.

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