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Euromaxx DIY

Instructions on how to make a monogram flower arrangement

Today Euromaxx DIY is going to show you how to make a beautiful monogram flower arrangement. It’s great for romantic occasions and we’ll make sure you can do it yourself.

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Euromaxx - DIY - Monogram flower arrangement

You’ll need: 

  • some artificial flowers…any you like
  • some cardboard letters, either single letters or enough to write something
  • floral foam which you can get from a florist or the internet
  • a sharp knife, like a box cutter
  • maybe a bit of acrylic paint, so you can color the letters



Cut off all of the cardboard along the top of the letters. The knife slips off easily, so be very careful. Remove the cardboard inside the letters, so they’re completely empty and hollow. Now you could, if you like, paint the letters

Now cut the styrofoam so it fits neatly into the hollowed out letters. It’s finicky, but not difficult. Remember to fill every little gap. The foam should hold by itself, but you can glue it to be on the safe side.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you won’t see the foam later.

Now comes the really fun part. Cut the stems of the flowers so there’s just a little bit left. Now stick the flowers into the foam base in your letters. Experiment a little until you see which flower you want where


You’ve got a monogram flower arrangement perfect for Valentine’s day, mother’s day, a wedding or as a decorative element in your living room.



  • Once you know where each flower goes, put some glue on the end of the stem to keep it in place


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