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ingame news: OpTic wins ELEAGUE, LoL Preseason, GINX and more

ingame news is DW's eSports program: Surprise win in ELEAGUE, Teams reconstruction during League of Legends preseason, eSports TV - this and more in our eSports show

No question: If 1.7 billion people worldwide play computer, smartphone or console games, eSports has long been a topic for a wide audience. The best gamers compete in international tournaments and we are here: ingame reports from the field and shows why eSporters are real athletes and what effort is behind the events.

With ingame news, DW is showing the latest trends in the scene, current results, new games and themes, about which eSports fans worldwide. DW-eSports expert Melek Balgün competently and passionately conveys a lot of background knowledge from the eSports world.

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