Information about Deutsche Welle Radio′s English language programming | Program | DW | 13.06.2003
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Information about Deutsche Welle Radio's English language programming

Radio stations around the world can rebroadcast English Service programming from Deutsche Welle Radio free-of-charge.

We offer a large number of excellent programmes that can be fed to your station via Deutsche Welle's worldwide satellite network or downloaded as MP3 files from our audio depot at the DW broadcasting centre in Bonn, Germany. We can provide your station with a 5 minute bulletin of world news at the top of the hour, seven days a week via live satellite feed. To supplement this we offer Newslink, a 25 minute look at current affairs around the world. Fresh, regionalised editions of Newslink are available seven times a day from Monday to Friday. Or enjoy "Inside Europe", a weekly look at the topics at the top of the news agenda in Europe. We also have a wide range of feature programmes to offer your station ranging from the ever popular "Living in Germany", to "Living Planet". Insight, a weekly feature deals with political issues while "World in Progress" focusses on development questions. We can also provide you with programmes on culture such as "Arts on the Air", "World of Music" or "Inspired Minds".

For more details please contact our distribution department: e-mail: