Idols, superstars, rock gods and ravers... | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 15.08.2003
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Idols, superstars, rock gods and ravers...


Not content with Searching for a Superstar and voting for Pop Idol’s, Germany had a busy start to 2003 in terms of music with breakthroughs, break-ups and comebacks. The winds of change blew towards Berlin as the music industry upped sticks and moved while fighting court cases and fretting for its future. However, the enthusiasm of the fans continued regardless throughout the summer months with Rock am Ring, the Love Parade and Popkomm all raising the temperature to sticky in this record breaking summer heat.

The German summer has rocked and Deutsche Welle has been there in the ebb and flow of the crowd and the seriousness of the press conference as the music industry celebrated and deliberated in equal measure. Here’s our guide to the ups and downs of pop in Germany this year.

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