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Global Ideas

Ideas for a cooler world

Melting ice caps, catastrophic hurricanes, floods and drought plunging entire regions into a water crisis. These are the drastic images often associated with climate change. But what's actually being done on the ground to halt global warming? What kind of projects are helping to reduce emissions, inform people and spur them to change their lifestyles?

In more than 100 fascinating features, DW, Germany's international broadcaster, showcases people and projects whose innovative ideas are helping combat global warming - from Thailand to Honduras, Jordan, India and Laos. A multinational team of authors, researchers, TV and online reporters is working on a multi-media presentation of the projects. The result is GLOBAL IDEAS. The online platform offers video content as well as background information on the topics.

The featured climate projects are "Best Practice" models - ideas that help make a difference and inspire others to do likewise. The focus is on developing and newly industrialized countries. GLOBAL IDEAS is supported by the German environment ministry as part of the International Climate Initiative.

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