Ice Rink Victims Killed by Injuries, Not Cold, Officials Say | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 09.01.2006
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Ice Rink Victims Killed by Injuries, Not Cold, Officials Say

Autopsy reports relieve fears that skaters might have died from hypothermia because rescuers couldn't find them in time.


Mourners remembered the victims this weekend in special ceremonies

The 12 children and three women who died after an ice rink roof collapsed in the southern German city of Bad Reichenhall were killed by their injuries after the roof collapsed, a pathology report released late last week revealed.

"No one died of exposure," a spokesman for German prosecutors told German news agency DPA. "First we have to discover why it fell down. Afterwards, we can figure out if anyone is personally liable."

The negligent homicide inquiry is continuing and is expected to last until April.

Calmed fears

Dach auf Eishalle eingebrochen Eissporthalle in Bad Reichenhall

An initial report answering questions about rescue operations relieves some

The autopsy report laid to rest fears that victims died because of the cold winter weather and the fact that they were pinned to the ice of the skating rink. During the hours after the collapse, some emergency workers worked with their bare hands clearing snow and debris as fast as they could in the severe winter weather.

In one case, a 5-year-old girl was only saved six hours after the collapse after attracting the attention of rescuers by knocking.

The last person to be pulled out was the 15th victim, almost two days later, who could not be reached before because of the rubble and debris.

A total of 34 people survived who were in the rink at the time of the collapse survived.

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