How to humanize the dehumanized: journalism for peace and nonviolence | Global Media Forum | DW | 15.06.2017

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How to humanize the dehumanized: journalism for peace and nonviolence

hosted by Pressenza – International Press Agency

A worldwide rise in tensions between groups of people who identify with a religion, nation, cultural values or ideology, together with the tendency to apply discriminatory labels to "the other", are giving rise to a dangerous dehumanization that is expressed in violent means – be it via hate speech or the construction of walls. Politicians often respond in an archaic way which is driven by the belief in violence as the ultimate solution to conflicts. And media have a hard time finding a coherent way of dealing with this escalating process. With experts from their fields, we will debate and openly discuss with the audience: What is the root of dehumanization? How can we overcome violence and humanize the other? How can we as media support nonviolent conflict solutions?



Johanna Heuveling- Editor, Pressenza Berlin, Germany


Nelsy Lizarazo - President, Pressenza – International Press Agency, Columbia

Luz Jahnen - Author and Producer of the Documentary "Beyond Revenge", Germany

Alvaro Orus - Director of the documentary “Beyond Revenge”, Spain