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Global Media Forum

How powerful are the powerful – the limits of international cooperation in a polarized world

hosted by Deutsche Welle

Watch video 81:03

Partnership matters: a successful sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. However, it is questionable that there is an international community aiming for common goals. Germany´s approach to the G20-Presidency is to intensify international cooperation and ensure that globalization benefits everyone. How can this be achieved? How important is international cooperation and how much cooperation is possible in a polarized world? And last but not least: How powerful are the powerful?



Edith Kimani - Journalist, Deutsche Welle, Germany


Salil Shetty - Secretary General, Amnesty International, India

Veronica Pountcheva - Senior Vice President Corporate Responsibility, METRO AG Wholesale & Food Specialist Company, Germany

Gonçalo Lobo Xavier - Vice-President in charge of Communication, European Economic and Social Committee, Portugal

Nick Nuttall - Spokesperson for the Executive Secretary, UNFCCC

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