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How do culture journalism and digital media contribute to societies in transition?

Hosted by Goethe Institut
Wednesday, June 24 / Room A/B

Culture and new communication technologies play a particularly central role in countries where political unrest has hampered international projects and relations. Cultural reporting is essential to social dialogue. How can print and online media report on cultural issues in the midst of complex political processes of change? Which research sources can be used? And what role does culture play in Arabic media as compared to German media?

In this 90-minute session, the panelists will focus primarily on the following aspects of cultural journalism:

  • What role do developments play in these countries in the context of digital media?
  • How much impact does the interconnectedness of international media have on events in a given country or region? What role do cultural journalists have in this process?
  • Which initiatives can cultural journalists support through their work and in their role as stakeholders in civil society?
  • What role can international organizations play, particularly in the fields of foreign cultural policy and education?

Culture journalists and civil society representatives from the Arab region will discuss these issues and report about their specific efforts in the media.

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