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Global Ideas

How climate change is reshaping societies

On the island of Kiribati, climate change has heightened social tensions and driven a wedge between local families. What's needed are cooperation and community spirit to battle global warming.

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Project type: Gender training raises awareness about how climate change affects women and children
Project size:60 people in 4 communities on Kiribati
Duration: 2011 til 2013
Project volume: 161,150 euros ($218,115) from the International Climate Initiative (earmarked for Kiribati and other Pacific island nations)

On the island of Kiribati, climate change is taking a heavy toll on the region and its inhabitants. Rising sea levels are forcing people to relocate to the main island. But a lack of jobs and opportunities to earn income has led to a rise in violence, especially within families. Local activists are trying to counter that with projects that engage a wide section of society. High on the agenda are initiatives that raise awareness about the need to protect the environment and fight climate change.

A film by Christian Uhlig

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