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Hotel Kämp Connects Finland to Europe

Many may think of Finland as being dark, solemn and lackluster. But the Hotel Kämp, near the Helsinki harbor, has rooms with silk curtains, gold edgings and 20 different brands of champagne.


Hotel - or Bank? Kämp has been both

Hotel Kämp in Helsinki, Finland, Mannerheim Suite

Luxury to call your own - and a plastic duck to take home

The hotel was opened in 1887 and was the first luxury-hotel of its kind in Scandinavia. It quickly became a hot spot for the intellectual and cultural elite, who opened Finland's chain-locked doors to Europe.

But the history of the Hotel Kämp has been anything but simple. Despite standing its ground through World War II, the owners were hard put to keep it running.

For thirty years, the famous hotel served as a bank - before being reopened in the 1990s. Today, Hotel Kämp is once again a landmark in the Finnish capital, with rooms that read like the country’s history book. Plus it has amenities you wouldn't think of.

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